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Burglar proof glazing

Kimmelux burglar proof glazing is made by combining glass sheets with polycarbonate sheets with the unique Panstor compound. Burglar proof glazing combines excellent optical qualities, hardness and the firmness of polycarbonate. Burglar proof glazing does not distort colors and its light permeability is excellent. When protection is executed with Kimmelux burglar proof glazing, there is no longer need for obtrusive bars in windows. Burglar proof glazing can be equipped with an alarm system that goes off when the glass breaks.

Mechanical safety can not be enhanced with electrical alarm systems, and it can never be replaced.

Kimmelux burglar proof glazing guarantees the highest level of mechanical shielding, and for that reason it is especially suitable for the glazing of private homes and for places that contain valuable possessions such as art galleries, museums, banks, embassies and jeweler’s.


Kimmelux burglar proof glazing is tested according to SFS EN-356 classes P6B, P7B and P8B.

The durability test EN 356 for a break-in attempt takes place as an axe test, in which the aim is to make a hole sized 400 x 400 mm through a glass sheet of 1000 x 900 mm with a set amount of strikes.

For example, if 31 strikes are enough to produce the required hole of 400 x 400 mm, the glass will belong to class P6B, and 71 additional strikes will elevate it to class P8B.

Kimmelux burglary proof glazing has been tested by the German research institute Beschussamt Mellrichstadt. In the test, the blade of the axe was constantly switched to a new one so that the axe’s cutting capacity could be maximized.


Burglar proof glazing has been classified according to standard SFS-EN 356, shock resistance against a sharp object. In Finland, standard SFS-EN 356 classifies the requirements set for a safety glass. The classes of shock resistance against a sharp object are P6B, P7B and P8B.

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A standardized test represents only a small set of attacks against burglar proof glazing.

After all, not all attackers try to attack the glazing with an axe! Although an attack with an axe represents a brutal attack and is, for that reason, a good method of testing the glazing, entirely different techniques are usually used in break-ins.

For that reason, Kimmelux burglar proof glazing has been tested with more severe techniques than what the standard requires, such as with explosives and vehicles. That is the only way to get a realistic perception of its resistance and features.