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Kimmelux Safe Room

Bullet resistance of Safe Room available up to levels EN1522 FB7 and Stanag 4569, level 2.

Burglar proof up to level EN1627, level 4.

Bullet resistance of windows up to levels EN1063 BR7 and Stanag 4569, level 3.

Burglar proofing of windows up to level SFS-EN 356 P8B.

Bullet resistance of doors up to level EN1522 FB7.

EM-shielding available to the room’s wall and glass elements.

The elements can be made entirely out of glass and with EM-shielding, in which case Kimmelux PLC will perform the installation.

Standard element size 900 x 2700 mm or manufactured according to the client’s needs.

Lockings and fittings from Abloy or according to the client’s needs.

The elements will be delivered with MDF surfaces, only seaming and painting to be done on the spot.

Speaking systems, lighting and other necessary technical equipment can be delivered according to the client’s needs.

Safe Room is quick and easy to install. Two men can do the installation in two days.


- Shops’ cash register/account rooms
- Banks
- Money transport/storage
- Security companies
- Bullet resistant container solutions
- Pharmacies
- Prisons
- Embassies
- Jeweler’s
- ADP-centers
- Private persons/homes
- Safe rooms of ships
- Places that need special protection against burglary, guns, explosives or electromagnetic interference.