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Heated glazing

When temperature drops below 0 °C, the frosting of glass becomes a problem. When driving in snowfall, the use of windscreen wipers causes the glass to freeze, which hinders visibility either partly or entirely. The situation becomes extremely uncomfortable and endangers the driver and passengers, as well as others in traffic.

As a solution to this problem, Kimmelux offers heating systems up to Stanag III classification level. The heating system is unnoticeable to the naked eye.

Kimmelux has devoted plenty of time in research and development in order to create better technology and new functions that upgrade the product in all levels of bullet proofing, aesthetics and resistance.

How it works

The newest technique developed by Kimmelux is better than previous techniques in its optics, appearance and response time. The glass melts quicker than with the previous technique.

State-of-the-art optical, metal coated glass and polymers are used in Kimmelux heated glazing.

Heating capacities 230V with system 6-10W/DM2

Heating capacities 24-48V with system 4-8W/DM2

Heated glazing systems in bullet resistant glazing

With special glazing technique, the outer surface of bullet resistant glazing can be equipped with heating, so that best visibility and security are ensured in a vehicle.

The heating system can be equipped with a heating capacity that meets with your needs and the purpose of use.

We have manufactured heated bullet and blast resistant glazing up to and above the thickness of 100 mm.

Light permeability in heated glazing

Sensors, like the ones in night cameras and binoculars and light and rain detectors, function by sending signals or waves from the vehicle’s windows.

Metal coated glazing, that is used in antifreeze glass, normally block these signals, because metal works as a protective material.

Kimmelux uses different kinds of metal coated glazings in its heated glazing systems, but in special vehicles that go to military use we also use special material that, when combined with soda-lime-silicate glass with low levels of iron, offers high energy transfer of visible and IR radiation in bullet resistant glazing.


- safety and quick removal of frost enable better control of the vehicle and visibility.

- better frost removal and melting capacity than in the standard system of any factory-made vehicle.

- better visibility, unnoticeable to the naked eye.

- highly reliable even in the most extreme conditions.

- quicker than normal air heating systems.

- can be set to warm up with a timer, so the glazing will be unfrozen when you set off.